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Apigee Get Organizations Name Companies Company Name Developers

Lists all developers associated with a company.

Apigee Get Organizations Name Developers

Gets the developer profile by registered date.

Apigee Post Organizations Name Developers

Create a developer in an organization .

AWS Cognito Lookup Developer Identity

Retrieves the IdentityID associated with a DeveloperUserIdentifier or the list of DeveloperUserIdentifiers associated with an IdentityId for an existing identity.

AWS Cognito Merge Developer Identities

Merges two users having different IdentityIds, existing in the same identity pool, and identified by the same developer provider.

AWS Cognito Unlink Developer Identity

Unlinks a DeveloperUserIdentifier from an existing identity.

AWS Cognito Unlink Developer Identity

Unlinks a DeveloperUserIdentifier from an existing identity.

AWS Route 53 Get Checker Ip Ranges

GetCheckerIpRanges still works, but we recommend that you download ip-ranges.json, which includes IP address ranges for all AWS services. For more information, see IP Address Ranges of Amazon Route 53 Servers in the Amazon Route 53 Developer Guide.

AWS Route 53 Delete Health Check

Deletes a health check. Send a DELETE request to the/2013-04-01/healthcheck/health check ID resource.ImportantAmazon Route 53 does not prevent you from deleting a health check even if the health check isassociated with one or more resou...

AWS Route 53 Get Health Check

Gets information about a specified health check. Send a GET request to the/2013-04-01/healthcheck/health check ID resource. Formore information about using the console to perform this operation, see Amazon Route 53 Health Checks and DN...

AWS Route 53 Update Health Check

Updates an existing health check.Send a POST request to the /2013-04-01/healthcheck/health check ID resource. Therequest body must include a document with an UpdateHealthCheckRequestelement. For more information about updating health c...

AWS Route 53 Create Hosted Zone

Creates a new public hosted zone, used to specify how the Domain Name System (DNS)routes traffic on the Internet for a domain, such as, and its subdomains. ImportantPublic hosted zones can't be converted to a private hosted zone or vic...

AWS Route 53 Change Resource Record Sets

Create, change, update, or delete authoritative DNS information on all Amazon Route 53 servers.Send a POST request to: /2013-04-01/hostedzone/Amazon Route 53 hosted ZoneID/rrset resource. The request body must include a document with a...

AWS Route 53 List Hosted Zones By Name

Retrieves a list of your hosted zones in lexicographic order. Send a GETrequest to the /2013-04-01/hostedzonesbyname resource. The response includes aHostedZones child element for each hosted zone created by the current AWSaccount. Lis...

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